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Your dog's health
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Your dog is a much loved member of your family and you make sure all his health needs are properly attended to. When your dog is with us at the Waggy Warehouse we regard him as a member of our family too.
Here are some of the ways we help to protect your dog
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Our extensive cleaning regime and health screening greatly reduces the risk of illness. But to ensure the health of your dog and everyone else’s, we ask that you ensure all vaccinations for major infectious diseases are up to date.

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If your dog has been unwell in the last 30 days, we ask that you obtain a note from your vet that he or she is fit and well enough to return to day care.

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If your dog is not well, we ask that you keep him at home until he has recovered to prevent any disease or illness from spreading. We cannot accept dogs at day care if they are unwell.


To ensure the continued health of our pooches, all dogs must be flea treated and be up to date with their vaccinations including:

Canine distemper


Canine hepatitis


Kennel Cough (Canine parainfluenza)

This is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs - fortunately the majorities of cases are not serious and pass after a few weeks but it is very contagious.

A dog with Kennel Cough will develop a coarse, dry, hacking cough as if he is trying to clear his throat – triggered by physical activity, drinking or when exposed to change of temperature. Their general state of health and alertness is usually not affected and, in the majority of cases, no medication is required.

Your dog can get Kennel Cough from your neighbour's dog, at a dog show, from the vet’s and even catch it from walking where an infected dog has recently been. Kennel Cough normally lasts 7 to 21 days and if you suspect your dog might be infected, keep him isolated from other dogs and seek advice from your vet. If your dog has recently been to dog training, boarding or any other place where he has been exposed to other dogs, please notify the staff.